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About the Banks Line

The Banks Line was introduced in 1934. The first such piece, "1st Money Chest" produced in 1934. Over the years the line ranged from copies of popular cookie jar pieces such as the "Liberty Bell" and "Granny". Most banks were produced as "advertising" pieces, or for actual "Banks", such as "The Howard Savings Institute" circa 1957.

The Marks on various Banks over the years ranged from the full line of McCoy marks including: "McCoy USA", "McCoy", and "McCoy Limited" (McCoy LTD.) to name a few.

Several banks were made up to 1996 by "The McCoy Collection" and "Designer Accents." neither of which are or where related to the "McCoy Pottery" company.

NOTE: We have amassed a collection of images of many of the known Bank pieces below, however we are always looking for more. If you know of one that is not listed, please let us know by contacting us at

Banks Line Listing

Replica, 1st Money Chest, Bowery Savings, Produced in 1934 and 1960's

State Federal Savings of Puerto Rico, State Federal Savings of Puerto Rico, Produced in 1967

Brooklyn Savings Bank, Brooklyn Savings Bank in Civic Center, Produced in ?

Woodsey Owl, Bank, Produced in 1974

Piggy Bank, Piggy Bank, Produced in 1947

Hung Over Dog Bank, Made for Swank, Produced in 1960's

Liberty Bell, Liberty Bell, Produced in ?

Howard Savings Institute, The Howard Savings Institute, New Jersy, Produced in 1957

Eagle, Immigrant Industrial Savings Bank, Produced in 1960's

1st National Bank of Chicago, Bank, Produced in ?

Metz Brewing Co., Omaha, Nebraska., Produced in ?

Drydock Savings Bank, "That's My Bank", Produced in ?

Seaman's Bank for Savings, Bank, Produced in ?

Piggy Bank, , Produced in ?  

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