McCoy Pottery Mark

McCoy Pottery Mark

Below we have assembled a listing of the various marks used to identify McCoy Pottery through the years. It is important to note that McCoy did not mark every peice of pottery.


Nelson McCoy Sanitary Stoneware Company's earlier marks included the following:

This mark was common on flower pots, mixing bowls, tankards, and mugs.

The number inside the clover refers to capacity in gallons.

This mark is not as common.

Stenciled marks were used on stoneware jars, churns, and jugs, etc. Also, a five petaled clover within a double shield, and an M above it were used.

Much of the pottery produced after 1938 has the "McCoy" mark. Many easy pieces had an incised, or indented mark which contained excess glaze making the mark hard to read. Embossed marks were used later to correct this problem. It would be important to note that this is not always the case, therefore, this is not an accurate way to date some pieces.










Very common mark. from 1940 to the present...


1940-45 Variations used later as well





1939 to the present...




Latter 1940's


Used on Cook and Serve lines


Floraline Mark 1940-45

Lancaster Mark



Lancaster Colony trademark


Mt. Clemens trademark


Very late trademark

A marks drawn by hand from pieces in our collection. Streamlined and redrawn in Adobe Illustrator, finally rasterized and saved as jpegs in Adobe Photoshop.

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