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About the Kitchenware Dinnerware Line

McCoy Dinnerware Lines date to the early 1960's.  The following is a listing of the various lines produced by McCoy from 1962 through 1985.  At one point the Dinnerware was approximately 40 to 60% of the Kitchenware Line!

Amber Wear Line, circa 1962
Suburbia Ware, circa 1964
Avocado Capri, circa 1968
Brown Drip, circa 1969
Stone Craft (also known as Pink and Blue available in chocolate and almond),circa 1976
Bluefield, circa 1977
Canyon, circa 1977
Mesa, circa 1977
Graystone, circa 1978
Sandstone, circa 1978
Strawberry Country, circa 1980
Mediterranean Catalog, circa 1980-81
LaRed, LaBleu and LaWhite, circa 1985

NOTE: We have amassed a collection of images of many of the known Kitchenware Dinnerware pieces below, however we are always looking for more. If you know of one that is not listed, please let us know by contacting us at

Kitchenware Dinnerware Line Listing

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