Kitchenware Miscellaneous Line

About the Kitchenware Miscellaneous Line

The Kitchenware Miscellaneous Line contains a large variety of bowls, salt and pepper shakers, coffee carafes, cream and sugar servers, napkin holders, baking dishes and more.

Such lines as "CitroRamics" circa 1962, bearing the mark CitroRamics USA, were born out of the Miscellaneous Line of Kitchenware pieces.  An oven-proof ceramic barbecue ware, the lemon yellow matt decorated Citro-Ramics bore a gloss white glaze.  The line included Chafing Dishes, Carafe Sets, Divided Barbeque Plates, Pitchers, Pouring Bow Sets, Tumblers, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Oil & Vinegar and Salad Sets to name a few.

Another ware born out of the Miscellaneous Line was the Islander Line, circa 1979. Islander featured such pieces as baking dishes, serving dishes, and salad bowls.

Other pieces of Miscellaneous Kitchenware include lazy susans, deviled egg platters, candy butter dishes dishes and canisters sets.

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