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McCoy has had a long tradition of producing mugs for several purposes.  From coffee to tea to mortar and pestles Along with its own line of utilitarian mugs McCoy made a number of advertising and gift bugs.  One such mug for example, was made for Cheering Pharmaceutical in the mid 1960's.  Cheering gave them out as a gifts for customers and as give always at various pharmaceutical conventions.  Known as "Coriciden Mugs", the order was originally given to Contemporary Ceramics. Given the large number ordered, Contemporary subcontracted to Nelson McCoy Pottery Co.

Other popular McCoy mugs are that of the Happy Face Line shown here: Happy Face Mug.  Other mugs were commemorative in nature.  For example the 1981 "Retirement Mug" for Nelson and Billie McCoy.  The "Louis Armstrong" July  4th 1900-1971 mug.  Other notable mugs included Cambell Soup Mug, Van Camp Pork and Beans Mug, and the Nelson McCoy Pottery Co. Mug.

Later McCoy LTD would go on to make a large variety of 3 1/2" coffee mugs.

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