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About the Sanitary Line

The Nelson McCoy Sanitary Stoneware Co. has origins dating to 1910.  Nelson McCoy Senior his father and five stock holders previously founded the McCoy Sanitary and Stoneware Company.  Located in Roseville Ohio the company produced stoneware until 1919 after which it was combined with eleven other pottery companies to form one large stoneware company.

By 1926 the newly formed conglomerate had liquidated.  In 1929 in order to reestablish to reestablish their former company, the once Nelson McCoy Sanitary and Stoneware Co. changed its name to the Nelson McCoy Sanitary Stoneware Co.

From this point on, with the demand for stoneware declining, McCoy began to establish itself by producing its own unique wares.  Thus was born the era of McCoy that not only includes the addition of the "MARK" of the Pottery in 1933 but also begins McCoy's production of "decorative" pieces of "Art Pottery."

The difference between utilitarian and art pottery is near night and day.  However, as decorative as the pieces became, they still continued serve utilitarian purposes, which is one the reasons McCoy was wildly successful early on.

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